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is teaching them. >> what we didn't want to do is duplicate the classroom or duplicate the environment they walked away from. >> the program is called oakland youth first and he is on a mission to show these teens a world beyond the inner city, by sea and by air. >> today, he, the bay area black pilot's association and members of the airmen are teaching the kids how to fly planes using top of the line high-tech simulators. the kind used by professional pilots. >> we teach them everything from instrument reading, how to control and speak to the tower. >> this is about as close to a real cockpit as you can get. instructors say after five hours on this simulator, students are ready to fly a plane. >> those numbers, they are getting ready to land in san francisco. >> in a few months, they will co-pilot a real plane. leon robinson says he picked up more than just sea and air skills. he learned his passion. >> i like the environment, like the air. you get to see. it's like being on the water. i don't know, there's something about it. that's something i can do long- term. >> how does i
. there must be catalysts. what is it going to take to unlock this cash? we have a regulatory environment and economic environment positive and stable. environment is one where we can see growth. not only in the u.k. at economy, but in the export markets. the prime minister is doing the right thing by going to china. we have a pathetic record in many of the fastest-growing economies in the world in terms of export. we have no interest in those economies for delivering exports. that is a primary risk to the u.k. economy. he haven't got enough export infrastructure. the government has to play a more positive role in developing the infrastructure around the world. >> let's talk about infrastructure and focus on what we need to see. have -- you are part of a group of insurers that are to invest in the infrastructure story in the u.k. over the next few years. we are seeing at the moment a lowball number? solvency rules have changed, regulatory roles have changed. a much more is there? >> i think there is more than that. if we want to get a realistic number, i think the treasury did a fantastic
.s.-china cooperation on the environment is critical to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, carbon pollution, for our country and the world. we are particularly excited to have her here. this is the first time administrator mccarthy has spoken here at cap, and we are excited to have her here. president obama released the climate action plan. we at cap applaud the effort and recognize its critical goals. it is critical for the u.s. and the world that we embark on this effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to prepare the united states for the impacts of climate change, and to lead this international effort to combat climate change. we believe these efforts will ensure the u.s. grows economically, will create jobs, and will also meet the important challenge of reducing -- reduction in greenhouse gas admissions by 17% by 2020. we hope this event today highlights the importance of china as a key partner. combating global climate change is not something that the u.s. should tackle on its own. that is why we are excited about this u.s.-china engagement. we have been able to see firsthand that the epa is
strongly , but think about the policy environment that the bank of japan is committed to. that may yet mean more upside. -- when itlieve comes to japanese equities, we think a trailing approach may make more sense. getting in when the shorter-term policy environment looks attractive and not being afraid to take profits and looking for another opportunity to reenter. 12 monthsee it as a overweight type market. it might be too volatile for that in 2014. , surelyoped markets there should be something on the other side of that trade. >> a few months into the year, the way we look at it is that the rally this year has been multiple expansion. that has been driven by expectations that growth and earnings will be better down the line. approach theing to point where economic growth and earnings will need to deliver. that is why we may enter the year with a continuation of the rally we would have been witnessing this year. at this point, markets are likely to begin questioning that. when we come to the end of 2014, we might be sitting back and saying the economies did eventually deliver. there are l
children under the age of five. and this way climate change has an enormous influence on the environment and across human life. it can't be solved by the efforts of one country. it's a task for all humanity. >> an anticorruption movement is looking to break years of dom nation by the ruling congress party in elections in deli. voters are taking part in local assembly elections. the political choices they make this week could have a significant long-term impact on the entire country. >> a huge crowd gathers to hear from the man who wants to shake up indian politics. the election campaign of the common man's party took on a festive feel as it made its way through new delhi. the man leading it promises to succeed where others failed. voters will have to choose between a new political alternative and some of the states longest serving politicians. because people across the call tall are wary. she was responsible for the 2010 commonwealth games, which faced allegations of corruption. and also accused of mishandling the response to a gang rape in new delhi that made international headlines. >>
they will copilot a real play. leon has learned his passion. >> i like the environment. the air, and you get to -- it's like being on the water. there's something about it. i feel like that's something i could do for a long time. >> reporter: how does it make you feel for the kids to say something like that? >> that's what inspired me. >> reporter: graves bought the boat and built the flight facility with private funds, but we will need more to keep it afloat. >> reporter: the boat will be part of the annual parade of boats at jacuelin and square tomorrow night. we have a link on our website and click on links and numbers. >>> as paul mentioned earlier, sierra is getting blasted. rob mccalister showing us f you're traveling up there, not a good evening. >> reporter: the wind is chipping, the snow is coming down at a feverish pace rice right now. an inch on the ground in the last hour they are having a tough time to get the chains on because of the elements. it's been one of the worst storms they have had in a long time, and they have a long night ahead of them in the sierra. typical
and a lot more. >>> a nonprofit in the east bay is hoping to provide a safer environment for children to play in east oakland. today a group called east oakland community play date held an event. organizers say their ultimate goal is to provide a better future for kids growing up in east oakland. >> i would say to somebody who may see this, grab your neighborer's kids, whatever. come out one saturday and check it out. it's really big. >> east oakland community play date is in the middle of a month-long online fundraiser. you can go to and search east oakland to find out more. >>> the little boy who came to be known as bat kid returned to the bay area today. kicked off the brave the bay 5 k run in san francisco today. there he is. scott is a cancer survivor and the fundraiser benefits the make-a-wish foundation. last month you probably remember thousands of people in san francisco helped make his dream come true fighting crime as batman. >>> and back to our developing weather story. check out the time lapsed video that shows just how much snow built up overnight. this is
of environment" says this man. hundreds of flights were canceled or delayed, schools closed, residents urged to stay indoors and factories ordered to cut off production. ships forced to navigate cautiously through the haze. experts blame the cold windless weather for a cloud of pollution from cars, factories and coal burning that has sat over eastern china for most of the week, and there's been record-breaking levels in other cities, including beijing earlier this year. the government has announced many plans to fight the pollution but with little apparent progress. the dense smog in eastern china is starting to lift today but here in beijing it's starting to approach hazardous levels. the east and north of china are particularly vulnerable in winter, and we're really just getting into the coldest month. ian williams, nbc news, beijing. >>> when we come back, the latest test for lindsey vonn as she puts her sights on the olympics. >>> the scene today in alberta, canada, as lindsey vonn passed one more milestone on her way to the winter olympics in sochi, russia. vonn came in 11th in today's
think the near term danger is the operating environment there carries a lot more risks. a chance for accident. miscalculation. because the chinese have basically announced a way in which it is uncertain how they will enforce or whether they can enforce it and that adds immediate risk. the think the longer term risk, are the chinese on a campaign to salami slice their way out to greater and greater control to the first island chain as bonnie mentioned and this is a step in that direction and i think this challenge has to be mitt head-on. >> vice president biden was in china and had a four-hour meeting and a lot of it is kept private what the conversation was like. has the administration responded in the right way? what does the united states have to go over the long term, given that china is playing a strategic long term gain? >> the united states' reaction to this i think initially was quite good. secretary of state kerry issued a very clear statement, and defense secretary hagel also issued a clear statement that we would not recognize this new zone. that we particularly had pro
, based on gender. you were subjected to a hostile environment, a pervasive environment. remember, the courts will not find hostile environment where it's just a random conversation or if it's just flirtation. they identify the difference between a one-time comment and a pervasive environment. they will say, as in this case, because someone has used the "p" word, is that what we'll call it? >> yes. >> it is a gender specific epithet. >> it is. >> i would feel like that's a gender-based epithet. that tends to lean the other way. each of these is a different case. >> even if she cannot win the argument on the protected class argument she's making, do you think that they, the group of employees, male employees, can win their argument? >> great question. let's say that they are a member of a protected class. the next question is does this -- is this hostile action, does it rise to the level of hostile environment? >> right. >> because like i said before, whether it's same-sex horseplay or it's just some idle comments here and there, some flirting. courts will hold that that does not r
with the environment. the widow reacted to the report. >> translation: you can imagine to the extent that i am upset by the answers in this matter. >> swiss scientists found high levels of polonium in blood and samples retrieved from clothing that yasser arafat had on. yasser arafat's widow requested an inquiry, leading to the exhumation of his body. 60 samples were distributed to forensic scientists from france, italy and russia. it was concluded that arafat was poisoned. >> the characteristic of him having a dose of polonium before he died. those levels are about 36 times what you would expect in a normal person. >> according to palestine officials russian scientists reported the death inconclusive. they found in yarra fat's tissue may have cam from naturally occurring gases in the soil surrounding his coffin. >> palestine officials say they will name their pictures. >>> a dramatic rescue one man thought would never happen. >> he's alive. >> newly released video shows the moment a ship's cook was pulled from underwater, after spending three days trapped in a dug boat. harrison okene survived by br
. mr. smith thinks that's important when it comes to the environment. i think it's important for the environment and for protecting our inventors. this principle applies to patent review as it does to environmental regulations. the patent officials say they don't want the judicial review. why is it? they say it is too burdensome, never mind that very few people have such claims, but we're going to eliminate that right and that option because it's inconvenient for our bureaucracy. it's absurd and for that reason alone that bill should be defeated. the legislation going before the house is consistent with a decades' long war. here are a few of the provisions of the bill. t will create more paperwork when an inventor has to file a claim, it increases the paperwork necessary for him to file the claim and thus is not more expensive, but increases the possibility that his claim will be denied because of a technical mistake in the paperwork. louiser pay sounds pretty good. if you file a bad suit or lose a suit, the loser is going to pay the legal expenses, what does that do when you
love the environment on you can actually achieve results. it was remarkable. joe then went on to the senate and became terribly frustrated with the culture that existed on capitol hill, something that evan knows a lot about. i went on to china to become our senior diplomat running the embassy there. and we kind of regrouped a little bit later when joe and nancy jacobson, who was the power behind no labels initially came and said would you like to become part of the no labels movement. what on earth is no labels? is it a third party effort to kind of ship wreck the republicans and the democrats. is it a bunch of mushy moderates to get together to take over the world? none of the above. come to find that it is a group that respects the fact that we have a two-party system. they are endeavoring to change the center of gravity away from acrimony from the problem solving. it's a lofty objective, can it be done? for those of you who have been around politics for a while, many of you have, of course you can change the operating culture of politics. that in a nutshell is what no la
are facing increasingly tough business environment. opening the door for domestic manufacturers to grow and contribute to the content success story. to put this in turn means the world. i do. more than one thousand people in the womb largest democracy the word region's culture and religion. investors are increasing the property. for the kids. you can use. zz. us vice president joe biden has arrived in japan and will soon step into a dispute that's generating plenty of friction in east asia will be meeting the leaders in tokyo beijing and seoul to talk about china's newly established arab defense identification zone. biden will sit down on tuesday with japanese prime minister shinzo lafayette ave has called the zone very dangerous. chinese defence ministry officials announced last month they set up the cell. it covers a large part of the east china sea and includes islands the japanese controlled but the chinese and taiwanese plane. my dad will have to try to forgive the chicken the vice president will meet on wednesday with pressing she's in pain and other chinese leaders. analysts say
. everytime when i care but the ministry of environment protection. when private car emissions contribute too much air pollution. i feel they are speaking on time. it might be the incarnation fairly complete air quality that much in beijing. the reason the former tv host was so angry because he has reacted to the new limit for getting away from play. the block to go until i can clean water to them before they can purchase a car. even if they get one are still five working days the people cannot drive the car according to what to throw out or by comparison mccartney effective at all as mentioned above. most pollution resources come from coal burning and into the production. to make do with the biggest polluters the demand for health and pollution during production china securities journal report. and the right of a problem. more than happy in the country to making company this is shocking because he went twenty of the country's total win territory the first half of the year in the process to produce three hundred fourteen million tonnes of steel. that tickled the wonders the nation. kudos to a
have dedicated my life to protecting the environment. i see no greater issue and no greater urgency to public health and climate change. climate change is not just a public health and safety issue. i consider it to be one of the greatest economic challenges of our time as well, which is why i am really looking forward to the trip, and why i was very excited in the summer when president obama spoke so eloquently and so comprehensively about the urgency to act on climate change, when he spoke at georgetown university. it was a speech that i had been hoping for, a president for many years, and i was so proud that it was our president. he showed enormous courage and enormous strength, as well as, he challenged us all to not just acknowledge the science of climate change, to understand that it is real and happening, but to also charge the cabinet to take immediate action. call me biased, but i believe it was his best speeches so far, although he is not done yet, i'm quite sure. he walked through his climate action plan as well, which outlined some common sense, pragmatic steps that the e
cricket do the talking. we had the same hostile environment last time we came here. and the hostility changes because everyone was very respectful of the way we played. last time we didn't do ourselves justice. >> reporter: 2005, andrew flintoff help his side win. four years later steward brood bolled england to victory to regain the ashes, and last yearalster cook lead his team to a win in india. australia's 381 run win in brisbane was the first in this large test. they aren't expecting the tourists to fall quite so easily this time around. >> you'll see two very good balling attacks. if there is any two attacks that will be able to find a way, it's these two. i think there will be enough in the wicket early, and spins will play a big part. >> reporter: the wicket may well hold the key to who wins in the match. this man was a curator here two years ago. >>> the miami heat's winning streak has been brought to an after losing to the pistons. seven of the nine players used on court scored in the double figures. kyle had the most point grabbing 18 to give detroit the 107-97 win. >>> kobe
that drive a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. >>> look at this spectacular time lapsed photography of the earth. it's taken by the crew of the international space station. the crew stitches together high-definition images from space exec diggss. >> welcome to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour a christmas tree crisis. one of the most popular types of trees is being killed by a fungus. we'll look at what that means for your holiday symbol in your home. >>> plugs,s, mystery solved. it's been hidden from history for decades. see how the u.s. used it to beef up its own military mite. that's ahead. >>> on friday mementos from the late farrah fawcett will be going up for auction. one item will not be up for
and how do we deal with it in the school environment. we have to make determineations as to when something should be entered into the database. that's not an easy decision. the clear line is when they're adjudicated. what do you do when they're not to that point yet? >> all right. thank you, congressman asa hutchison. >>> a truck full of radioactive material was stolen. what could happen in the wrong hands? >>> and vice president biden satisfying on what some call china's alarming aggression. >>> plus the paul walker car crash. investigators believe he may have initially survived. people don't have to think about where their electricity comes from. they flip the switch-- and the light comes on. it's our job to make sure that it does. using natural gas this power plant can produce enough energy for about 600,000 homes. generating electricity that's cleaner and reliable, with fewer emissions-- it matters. ♪ the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ s
to an environment that is in washington d.c. and much of the country, the leak toxic. >> i think one thing that people tend not to do any more is to create this insanity in the good will of the riverside. and in some ways if you were -- i underssand the intent of liberalism. i mean, there are some liberals who want to control, you know, the political class, the ones to believe, like with the obamacare engine of -- no what you need. you mean like a plant, but it is not a good plan. that is part of liberalism, with the like it or not and is not very attractive. there's another side. you go back to the new deal. the idea of social security. you don't want to have the elderly living in destitution. that was a wonderful idea. the problem is this, liberals are stuck in a reactionary cycle where they are attached to the institution rather than the idea . when social security was created life expected to come by expectancy was 52. it is not 80. it was never intended to subsidize the last 17 years of life. therefore it has to be adopted. liberals will not be willing to live with that, and the conse
is booming and trade is taking place because they have created an environment in which israel is confident about its security and a lot of the old barriers to commerce and educational exchange and all that has begun to breakdown, that's something the young people of gaza are going to want, and the pressure that will be placed for residents of gaza to experience that same future is something that is going to be i think overwhelmingly appealing. but that is probably going to take place during the course of some sort of transition period, and the security requirements that israel requires will have to be met. and i think that we can accomplish that, but ultimately it is going to be something that requires everybody to stretch out of their comfort zones, and i do -- the one thing i will say to the people of israel is that you can be assured whoever is in the office i currently occupy, democrat or republican, that your security will be uppermost on our minds. that will not change. and that should not mean you let up on your vigilance in terms of wanting to look out for your own country, it does
of the factors that contradicted to the success. >> bali is a beautiful environment for this type of compromise. setting forxed negotiations. ink about what this means terms of precedents for the very heightened talks on subsidies for the next stage in terms of agreements?l this is one in the most sensitive issues. does this set a precedent for further talks? >> it to. i hear the tone of all of the aveloping economies, reservation to the subsidization that was done by the developed economies. this is a horizontal imbalance. the package that was approved to toow developed economies to do socialization -- subsidization. there are hundreds of millions of farmers. the just issued a few security law. indonesia has 250 million people. we have a lot of farmers. we have a lot of people to feed. our ability to do stockholding of certain staples and subsidization i think will be for not only us but the developing economies. it will set a process -- precedent in terms of treating the nuance for the purpose of rebalancing the imbalances we might have seen in the past many years. >> top specifically about h
a professional or working environment. if a woman thinks she's going to change a man in a relationship, not so much. your article says mail ceos pay their employees less and themselves more after having sons but when they have daughters they pay more giving female employees the biggest raises. what do you think it is about having a daughter that triggers generosity? >> researchers think it might have something it do with women being more other regarding than men. this is a finding that's debated in academic research. but -- >> okay. >> what's interesting here is daughters this works for, but not with sisters. right? i mean it's the opposite. if a man has a sister, that's not going to help. here's the quote. having a sister has the opposite effect, making men more supportive of traditional gender roles, more conservative politically and less likely to perform housework. so you'd think that a man growing up with sisters it would make the man a bit more empathetic towards women. where's the disconnect here? >> right. so researchers who did this study think that it might have something to do with
or building a new plant. they will not take risks in an uncertain environment. host: the president delivered a speech calling for an increase in the minimum wage. says it makes more sense to invest in technology that would replace workers. guest: one of the classic arguments with minimum wage is it causes a transfer to more capital. others who have studied this it does not, partially because you need to look at who earns the minimum wage. you have a lot of folks in retail sectors, fast food restaurants. there is technology that could make a difference. but it is not the same thing as in manufacturing. most manufacturing workers e arn well above the minimum wage. it is unfortunate for families who lose their jobs to a machine that allows one worker to do the work of three. it is not necessarily because of minimum wage. host: you have stopped looking completely? caller: i just turned 60 years old. i have been looking for a position for about a year and a half. i do ecological research. i have been a university professor working with the federal government doing research. iwas employed for 10 y
rich environment for hackers. so until you really strip this down and start over again and build a secure infrastructure, this is not safe to use. one of the memos we introduced in the hearing was a finding by the c.i.o. that said the threat and risk potential is limitless. yet the site is still operating and has eight months to fix the finding. jenna: you're saying the only way to fix this is start over? there's no way to do the necessary repairs to ever make this safe? >> there's an old saying that says it costs $1 to fix it before it's launched. there's no way to fix a plane in flight. we're not politically driven. i don't care what their policies are. when they said what's the best way to do it, you have to rebuild the site. for $600 million, you would think it would be at least secure. jenna: one of the things the viewers have probably heard from a variety different talking points on both sides, willingly admitting that for sure as fact but one of the things we continue to hear is, you know, even private sector companies like, they have problems. google, they have
rate environment, you know, the cost of ownership of gold disappear, right? >> yes. >> and with the perception that that world is changing and presumably that is having a marked investment -- >> absolutely. >> and the other thing is, if we're going to ease up on qe, there is that edge. those two things go away, don't they? we haven't seen the final outcome of what qe does. i don't think we've seen what it does when it gets removed. definitely, though, it is about real interest rates. that's what really moves gold long-term is if you're get ago strong return on u.s. treasuries, obviously, investment in gold is going to be less urgent for you. definitely in 2013 what you're seeing is the perception of rising rates. but we haven't had them yet. it's about what is coming down the pipe in terms of real interest rates. >> yeah. and, of course, how much investors have unloaded. do we know how much investors have unloaded from what -- >> well, the etf went into this year with record high holdings. if you look again, you'll find that, yes, there was a sell-off in the spring
environment. >> steven, some people note the correlation between the dollar and the u.s. ten-year treasury yield has broke b down of late. do you think that is the case? >> well, it's kind of broken down the last two or three days. which isn't fair to judge a correlation. but i think the key issue is this -- that what we've seen over the last couple of days is the market has had to adjust rapidly its expectations of tapering is that volatility indications, indication of risk, the vix has backed up and that offset a lot of the positive impact that a higher interest rate has on the currency because risk managers tell you you can't hold as much, that they're worried about their value at risk. i think, though, that the volatility won't come down and we'll see the dollar rally again. >> steve, we've got more time with us. steven englander with some ideas there for us. >>> let's take a look at today's other top stories. deutsche bank has pulled the plug on commodities trading to become the first bank to exit the sector due to pressures. it will cut 200 jobs as it sees energy, agriculture, metals
the truth, and trust the people. be it healthcare, be it environment, economic mobility, pew has spoken truth to power to improve the lives of millions of people throughout the world. of course almost two years ago, pew along with the c.f.a. institute cofounded the council. which sought to give voice to the people's interest. i'm particularly pleased secretary lew will be speaking this morning on the importance of completing the financial reform. secretary lew came to the job as a widely expert on policy. his expertise and knowledge have proven invaluable as he steered the nation through budget and debt limit negotiations. he has brought a very free perspective to the cause of financial reform. he spoken eloquently of the need for regulators to finish the important task that the dodd-frank law before them. he steadfastly fought against efforts to reopen dodd-frank. he rightly argued that regulators should be given time to strengthen our financial system through dodd-frank implementation. he is tackled unafraid the thankless job cheering, five different regulatory agencies to finish thei
: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. >>> president barack obama says he's not taking any options off the table when it comes to maintaining national security of u.s. and its allies. the president made the remarks during a visit with the saban forum at the brookings i understand institution. it was a discussion on u.s. leaders. iranian nuclear negotiations and the syrian civil war. let's bring in washington right now. the president spoke about several issues to this group of israeli leaders and u.s. leaders. were they comfortable with his answers about iran and the recent deal to curtail iran's nuclear program? >> well, in some ways, fred, i think he said exactly what the audience wanted to hear in terms of the fact that no option is off the table. he said he wasn't sure if this agreement with iran
was caused by polonium. the french scientists found traces consistent with a natural environment and it did not cause the death. arafat's widow reacted. >> you can imagine to what extent i'm upset by the contradictions. >> when al jazeera report though r that swiss scientists found lie levels in clothing that yasser arafat had on. arafat's widow, a french citizens insisted on an exhumation. 60 tissue samples were distributed to france and russia. swiss scientists reported the likelihood that arafat was poisoned. they are characteristic of him having a dose of polonium before he died. those levels are about 36 times what you would expect. >> according to palestine officials russian scientists reported the role of polonium is inconclusive. it was suggested that it may have come from naturally occurring gases. ruben randle al jazeera. >> arafat died in a french hospital nine years ago. the official cause of death was listed as a stroke. french doctors said they were unable to determine what caused the illness. >> a young dictator may are removed his uncle from power and had to aides executed.
things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. ♪ by the end of december, we'll be delivering ♪ ♪ through 12 blizzards blowing ♪ 8 front yards blinding ♪ 6 snowballs flying ♪ 5 packages addressed by toddlers ♪ ♪ that's a q ♪ 4 lightning bolts ♪ 3 creepy gnomes ♪ 2 angry geese ♪ and a giant blow-up snowman ♪ that kind of freaks me out [ beep ] [ female announcer ] no one delivers the holidays like the u.s. postal service. priority mail flat rate is more reliable than ever. and with improved tracking up to 11 scans, you can even watch us get it there. ♪ >>> welcome back to "new day." those horrific calls so many people do not want to hear, after a long legal battle, the 911 tapes from the sandy hook elementary school massacre will be released to t
up an environment where the kids feel safe and comfortable and they can bring ideas like this. we call it a hope and dream and christian is your made a hope and dream and we made it come a reality and we try to empower the students. it's through classroom philosophy. >> at other schools around the country, what is your dream of a buddy bench? >> that there will be a lot of friendships made and other kids will just have a friend to play with. >> wow. that is a great hope and a great dream to have and it looks like you are starting to process for kids across the country. nice to have you all with us. christian and allison bucks and principal matthew miller, thank you again. >> thank you so much, erica. >>> up next, would you ever bring your dog to acupuncture? maybe if fido is in pain? would you consider it? we will let [ laughter ] [ grunts ] kids today. everything needs a battery. oh, hank. merry christmas. oh! hold on now. kay jewelers? looks like we got us a young man here. [ female announcer ] the charmed memories collection at kay jewelers. hundreds of charms hand-crafted in i
in an environment where you have 20% unemployment in young adults and people less experienced. >> that was really interesting. thanks to you both. >> thank you. >>> pearl harbor survivor kicked off a plane on his way to attend a remembrance ceremony. wait until you hear the justification for this. this is going to outrage you. ♪ word on the street santa is coming tonight ♪ ♪ reindeer flying through the sky so high i should be making a list i know ♪ and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger. wow...look at you. i've always ied to give it my best shot. these days i'm living with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. at first, i took warfarin, but i wondered, "could i up my game?" my doctor told me about eliq
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